This new blog  is all about sandals! There is not a single website that is focused and provides detailed information on the footwear we wear everyday: sandals! From intensive product research, tests, and reviews, Sandal Centrals helps readers from all around the world make well-informed decisions when buying sandals. This new website also educates its readers by presenting the risks associated with wearing certain types of sandals and offers some solutions to fix it. It also compares a myriad of different sandals to find out which is the best. This site will posts content backed by doctors and experts in the footwear field. To conclude, Sandal Centrals is/will be the center of sandals! We also take pride in never sharing the information of our readers! Read our privacy policy. You can also check out our Terms of Service.

Our Brand Name

As you may already know, our name is Sandal Centrals. How did we come up with such a name? It’s simple. We simply want to become the center of our beloved sandal market. Our logo perfectly synchronizes in the name. Our company’s name is in the middle, or in the center (Sandal Centrals)!

Our Motto

Semper Promevetibur. You must be asking yourself, “What the heck is that and what does it mean?” Semper Promevetibur is our motto, and it means “Always Walking Forwards” in Latin. We thinking that no matter the circumstances, we must always strive to walk in front. You may walk slowly, but never backwards! “Being stuck in the past is like walking forward with your back facing the front. You’ll always miss out on what’s in front of you.” Don’t give up. One day you’ll look back and be glad you didn’t! To all our readers, may your feet take you take you wear your heart wants to go. 🙂