Blowfish Granola Sandals Review

Blowfish Granola Sandals

How should an ideal sandal be like? It should be lightweight, chic, affordable, and most  importantly, comfortable. After numerous hours of research, today, we will demonstrate if  Blowfish Granola Sandal meets these standards. Welcome to the Blowfish Granola Sandal review!

Item Details

-Synthetic sole
-Shaft measures approximately 2″ from arch
-Strappy fisherman-inspired sandal featuring faux-cork midsole and adjustable closure
-Textile lining and insole.

Blowfish Granola Sandal
Blowfish Granola Sandal in brown.

Blowfish Malibu

The manufacturer of the shoe is just as important as the shoe itself. Questions that one must ask themselves include:  Is this brand reliable? Have they won a Nobel Prize? How does this brand differentiate itself from others? Okay, the  second  question is a bit irrelevant. Nevertheless, one must know whether they can trust the company or not. Here at Sandal Centrals, we think that Blowfish Malibu is a trustworthy brand. More than a decade ago, two renowned footwear executives united their companies to create a unique brand of footwear. For  every season since, shoe-lovers have been pleased with their work, which expresses on-trend styles and aesthetically pleasing features.

Now that the ice has been broken, let’s dive into the review!


No one wants to feel  like they’re walking with weights under their  feet. Wearing sandals that are to heavy for you can cause foot pain,foot-related diseases, and sometimes even  knee pain. These sandals are extremely lightweight, weighing only 3lbs. We also recommend to go at least ½ higher than your actual foot length to be safe, because many customers reported that their actual foot size didn’t meet.


The most  salient feature in this sandal is the crisscross strap  design. The two leather straps that cross each other truly give the wearer a youthful allure. These thongs are adjustable with a buckle closure. The lightly cushioned faux cork footbed provides the wearer support  and comfort. This sandal does not have much arch support. Although it has a slight arch curve, in all fairness, the sole is flat. In addition to the sole  being flat, it is synthetic.


Another important  aspect of a sandal few people know of is the shaft. A common mistake people make is thinking that the shaft only applies to boots. What is the shaft in the first place?  The shaft refers to the portion of the footwear that rises above your foot and over your calf. How is the shaft measured? The height of the shaft is measured from  the middle of the arch up the outsole of the footwear to the top of the boot in inches.

The shaft of this sandal measures approximately 2 inches.

A stylish feature that we like in this sandal is the textile lining. To us, the lining is a creative detail. Small details make a difference.


Walking or running for extended periods of time will be a breeze with these sandals due to the lightly cushioned faux cork footbed. This resistant and cozy material will suitable for your daily walking needs. The sole of this sandal is made from synthetic materials, which is a cushioned cork footbed!


Although you can take a stride for long periods of time with this pair, the sandal itself will not last an extremely long time. After about 10 months, a myriad of customers reported the sole becoming a bit thin. To summarize, you might want to renew this pair once every 1-2 years.

BreathabilityBlowfish Granola Sandals

This sandal has a lot of open areas for your feet to breath! They don’t completely cover your feet, and you will be able to feel that soothing summer breeze you’ve always dreamed of!

Blowfish Granola Sandal Table

Using our expertise, we've tested the Blowfish Granola Sandal in numerous areas. The following table shows the scores of the Blowfish Granola Sandal in different categories. *Scores are tested over 10.
Sandal Grade(A)


To conclude, Blowfish Women’s Granola sandals features show that these form a formidable pair of sandals! We definitely think that this sandal is worth every single penny! Get yours today, before they’re out of stock!


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