Dangers of Wearing Flip Flops

Dangers of Wearing Flip Flops

I call it the comfortable monster. No, it doesn’t come at night. It also doesn’t have a horrifying scream. It also doesn’t try to kill you… but it could cause you a lot of pain, so yeah, there’s that. What is this monster, you ask? No other than the slick, cunning, terrible beast: flip-flops.

Dangers of Wearing Flip Flop
Look at that smirk! Look at it!

Don’t get us wrong, we love flip flops. They come in a myriad of colors, designs, and sizes. Who wants to go summer lounging with shoes on? No one (excluding my grandpa, of course). Flip-flops are inexpensive and ready to go whenever you are. They symbolize summer. There are also numerous cool ways to say flip-flops in different languages.

 Here at Sandal Centrals, we care about our readers (especially their feet). Unlike most other sandal websites who hide the truth from their customers to keep on making lots of money, we believe safety comes first! So stay with us, to discover the possible dangers when wearing flip-flops.


There is a huge misconception that flip-flops are “easier to wear” due to the fact that one could just slip their feet right in. Although this is true, walking with them is when it’s actually not so easy for your feet. You may not even notice it, but in reality it even changes the way you walk.

 A study found that people who wear flip-flops constantly collide their heels with the floor which causes pain, especially if walking for extended periods of time. Also, due to the fact that flip flops aren’t securely fastened to the feet, shorter steps are taken by the wearer, attempting to keep the sandals on their feet. Combined, these factors are enough to significantly adjust your natural balance and can cause pain in multiple areas of the body: foot,knee, ankle, hip, and even your back.

Don’t let flip flops ruin your posture!

 Plantar Fasciitis

Your feet aren’t flat. Believe it or not, flat footwear (like flip flops), are terrible for your feet. They don’t  provide any arch support, which is the main reason why you can get plantar fasciitis. The plantar fascia is “a thick ligament that runs along the bottom of the foot from the heel to the ball of your foot.” In other words, it attaches your heel to the front part of your foot, which provides a lot of support for your arch. Plantar fasciitis is when these ligaments become inflamed, which causes tremendous heel pain and stiffness. Many Americans wear flip-flops, thus it is not surprising that plantar fasciitis is one of the most common foot conditions in the U.S..

 Dangers of Wearing Flip Flops

If left untreated, plantar fasciitis can cause the victim’s foot to be completely flat!

Toe Woes

Take a moment to take a good look at your sandals. When you think about it, some flip flops are just a flat band of rubber with a strap between the toes. It wouldn’t be that different to strap a cereal box instead!

Due to the fact flip flops don’t provide any arch support, the toes have to do much more work. Every time you take a step with a flip flop, your toe has to tightly grip to the sandal to keep it on.

Dangers of Wearing Flip Flops
One of tendinitis pain areas!

This constant strain and effort on the toes can cause tendinitis, the inflammation of tendons and connective muscles. Of course, different types of tendinitis occurs in different parts of the body. Achilles tendon, which is between the heel and the calf, can be caused by footwear that do not provide enough support for arch, such as flip flops. This form of tendinitis causes a lot of pain, and if left untreated, can develop into diseases that are worse and harder to cure.

Like Achilles, our feet aren’t invincible!

 Dangers of Wearing Flip FlopsHammer Toes

As mentioned in the previous paragraph, your toes work harder to make up for the lack of support, thus constantly gripping to the flip flop. The toes grip to the sandal by curling up to prevent the sandals from falling. This repetitive movement can lead to hammer toes, which is when the middle joint in our toes remains bent downward.

 Am I Done Yet?

There are actually more risks associated with wearing flip-flops: bunions, exposure to bacterial and fungi infections, and even cancer. Do you really want to expose your self to all of these risks? Of course not! You can check out more foot-related problems here.


Numerous solutions exist to prevent all of these problems mentioned above. To name a few, you can buy from quality brands such as Birkenstock, and Naot who are reputable manufacturers in the flip-flop market. You can also consider the activity you are doing. For example, the beach might be the perfect place to wear your flip flops, but for hiking, it wouldn’t be a good idea.

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